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High Speed Concertina Razor Barbed Tape Profiling Machine

Razor barb wire machine is specially used to manufacture razor barb wire. It mainly consists of punching razor strip machine, coiling wire mesh and mould. the punching razor strip machine is used as punching the outside razor strip of razor wire. the coiling wire machine is used as coiling the wire into the razor strip to form the finished razor wire. The mould decide the razor length, width the space.

  1. high speed punching machine
  2. Automatic lubricating system to save operation time and avoid some parts worn because of short of lubrication oil.
  3. Step or servo motor feeding material to make material feeding more precise.
  4. PLC control to make operation easy and machine run stable.
  5. Some spare parts for free

Usage: Razor wire is mainly used for safe isolation of military facilities, communications stations, power transformer substation, and territorial prison, dump site, community protection, school, factories and farms.

1. Punching press
  We use the servo motor feeding material instead of common mechanical feeding material to make material feeding more accurate and the production speed to be improved. And our new designed mould with suitable punching press, it can punch razor strips two steps at one time, in this way, the working efficiency can be double increased.

2. Coiling wire machine
  Our coiling wire machine equipped with frequency control. To some extent, it can help customer to save some wasted product and improve the productivity.

3. Finished product