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PLC control air duct spiral machine for ventilation purpose

-- Large diameter range, 1500mm for special structure, and could extend to 2000mm
-- Pipe thickness up to 1.2mm for galvanized steel, could extend to 2mm and 0.8mm for stainless steel
-- PIpe length up to 12m with automatic saw cutter or slitter
- PLC control, convenient operation
-- Light and small, suitable for site work

strip thickness

galvanized sheet 0.5-2.0mm

strip width


diameter range


motor power



0-37m/min adjustable

forming head mold


applicable material

Galvanized steel

Main Features

1) Lock seam can be inner or outer lock for option.

2) PLC control system with button operation. 

3) Fast change steel duct mould. 

4) Cutting systm can be plasma and roller shear for option.