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The design of the automatic spraying line reduces a lot of labor. It mixes the powder with air in the powder feeder and sends it to the powder spray gun. The high voltage generated by the high-voltage electrostatic generator is connected to the inside or front end of the powder spray gun. The inside or outlet of the powder spray gun is charged, and under the combined action of air force and electrostatic force, the powder particles are sprayed on the workpiece to be coated in a directional direction. Safety and environmental protection, high output, high efficiency, uniform coating.

product paramenters


Full auto painting line

Painting function

fence mesh

Maximum workpiece size

L3000 × W 2500 (mm)as your request

Maximum workpiece weight

10kg / piece


300T / month

Production program

8h / shift


natural gas


 380V 50Hz3p

Air pressure

4-6.0 Kg / cm2


1.  The corrosion resistance of the coating is very good and uniform coating

2. The powder coating does not contain solvents and has no pollution from three wastes, which improves labor and hygiene conditions.

3. Adopting new technology such as powder electrostatic spraying, high efficiency, suitable for automatic assembly line coating, high powder utilization rate, and recyclable.


 The application range of electrostatic spraying is expanding day by day, from large railways, buses, wire mesh, automobiles, tractors, highway fences, to small workpieces, toys and household appliances and other industries, all of which can use electrostatic spraying technology.