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Plano type perforated metal machine

Plano type perforated sheet metal machine is the best choice for making high production of perforated metal, perforated sheet or perforated mesh. We also provide the multi-row punching mould for your choice. It’s very fit for roll to roll, roll to sheet, sheet to sheet production.


1. Hydraulic Full Automatic Decoiler with a car

2. German Siemens main motor and International PLC brand

3. Highly accurate NC feeding system

4. We will customize the best plan according to your requirements.

Application of perforated metal

The perforated mesh can be widely used in architectural decoration, noise control, air conditioning, filtration, audio and merchandise displays, etc.

Basic technical parameters as following:

1. The raw material can be Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Zinc Plate, Aluminum, Copper sheet, etc.

2. The machine can make different patterns of perforated mesh, just change the mould is ok. (Round, hexagonal, sqaure, etc)

3. sheet thickness: max1.5mm

4. sheet width: 1/1.25m

5. working speed: 220 strokes/min